Dancing Mindfulness

Dancing Mindfulness uses the art form of dance as the primary medium of discovering mindful awareness. Dancing Mindfulness classes are open to everyone regardless of previous experience with dance, yoga, music, meditation, or spiritual practice, even though Dancing Mindfulness incorporates all of these elements. Learn more

Reiki Master Training

Reiki Master Training gives you a deeper experience of the power of Reiki to heal and transform. Strengthen your skills and effectiveness as a Reiki practitioner and enhance your ability to heal and promote balance on all levels. Learn more

Thai Massage (2 Hour sessions)

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing system that combines broad and targeted acupressure, stimulation and manipulation of energy lines called sen, and assisted yoga postures. Treatment effects are enhanced when the patient is fully relaxed and breathing deeply. This traditional healing practice, called nuad or nuad boran in the Thai language, stands in sharp contrast to western massage therapies. Learn more

swedish/deep tissue massage

Swedish massage is a Western form of therapy, unlike Thai massage and uses long gliding strokes, known as effleurage, to create optimal relaxation. Massage strokes are in the direction of the heart (centripetal) with the intention of relaxing the entire body optimally. Learn more

Raindrop Technique®

The Raindrop Technique® incorporates the application of calming, energizing and soothing pure Young Living essential oils that when applied correctly, will result in energy alignment, stress relief, and a harmonious balance of every system in the body.  The Raindrop Technique® was developed by D. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living.  Influenced by the belief in the healing system that was developed by the Lakota Indian Nation.  Gary discovered that the use of pure, therapeutic grade Essential Oils in his Raindrop Technique® assisted the body in its own natural healing process. Learn more

Chakra yoga and reiki restructuring ($70)

One-hour sessions include:

  • An energy assessment
  • An explanation of the particular Chakra being focused on, questions for client 
  • Restorative yoga poses targeting a specific Chakra
  • Reiki, with an emphasis over the blocked area(s)
  • A deep, guided meditation that delves into the past to locate the root of a particular blockage, help release it and replace it with positive energy, affirmations and intentions

    Learn more

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is one term used by many to mean many things. Gentle Yoga can refer to a variety of types of yoga classes taught by teachers from various styles of yoga. In this era of the rapidly growing popularity of yoga, classes are springing up everywhere. If you are shopping around for a satisfying yoga class you’ll want to know whether you are going to fit in or be okay in a given class.  Gentle Yoga is often considered easier, less intense, non-strenuous, minimalistic, quiet, meditative, or restorative.  But these words that are intended to be descriptive can still seem broad and vague.

vinyasa YOGA

Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing, dynamic sequence of poses that is one of the most popular styles of yoga in the United States. Also sometimes called "Vinyasa Flow Yoga," this type of practice involves synchronizing the breath with a continuous flow of postures. The fluid, almost dance-like movements increase flexibility, strength, and stamina, as it calms the mind and improves overall health.

The literal translation of the Sanskrit word "vinyasa" is "to place in a certain way." It refers to a certain sequence of poses that are performed in a particular order. Today, it also refers to the style of yoga that focuses on breathing in conjunction with body movement.

YOGA unchained

Yoga Unchained is a facilitator training intensive in trauma-informed yoga practice co-founded by Dr. Jamie Marich and Jessica Sowers, RTY-200.

Both Jamie and Jessica discovered a great passion for sharing the practices of yoga and meditation in settings that are traditionally under served: For Jamie, treatment centers, clinical settings and the recovery community, For Jessica, correctional settings and in community health. Although Jamie and Jessica both received specialized training in trauma-informed yoga, both felt that a dynamic experiential component was missing from their training in this area, thus Yoga Unchained was born.