Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage
Available in 30 minute, 1 hour, 1.5 hour, and 2 hour sessions

Swedish massage is a Western form of therapy, unlike Thai massage and uses long gliding strokes, known as effleurage, to create optimal relaxation. Massage strokes are in the direction of the heart (centripetal) with the intention of relaxing the entire body optimally. 

Deep tissue massage is a type of Swedish massage focusing on the deeper tissue known as fascia, or connective tissue, within the muscles. The movements used in deep tissue massage are similar to the Swedish massage although more pressure is applied. Deep tissue massage aims to reduce stress in muscle groups and relieves muscle tension and adhesions, better known as knots. Deep tissue massage is recommended for those who experience chronic pain in areas such as neck, upper and lower back, legs and shoulders. Athletes who seek sports massage often are treated using deep tissue massage techniques.