(adapted from C. Pierce Salguero’s Thai Massage Workbook basic and advanced courses)

In Thai medicine, human life is holistically viewed as a combination of three essences: body, mind, and energy. Body refers to what we are made of: our physical self. Citta is the Thai word for mind and refers to both our hearts and our intellect including our thoughts, emotions, and spirit.  Energy in Thai massage holds mind and body together in an intangible flow that courses through the body via specific meridians called sen. Thai massage recognizes 72,000 sen lines, 10 of which are considered basic sen lines. 

Under normal healthy circumstances, the body’s energy flows uninhibited throughout the sen and is distributed according to the body’s needs and activities. Problems arise in the body when theses sen lines are either blocked or broken, causing an energy imbalance. Vital organs which are serviced by sen lines can become affected by these energy imbalances and cease to function optimally. The goal of Thai massage is to correct these energy imbalances by working directly with the sen lines to restore their vigor and vitality. 

By applying acupressure to acupressure points stimulate energy flow. When treating a person with Thai massage, the entire correlating energy lines should be treated and all acupressure points should be activated. 

Thai massage is not considered to be bodywork, but rather is viewed in Thailand as a therapy of energy. Unlike Swedish massage, Thai massage therapists will apply acupressure to certain points on the body in order to increase the flow of energy through the sen as necessary to relieve symptoms and stimulate healing. For example, insomnia will be treated through working the legs due to the corresponding sen energy lines running through the body. 

This 2-hour therapy session will manipulate your body in various positions, similar to yoga. It is an invigorating and powerful experience adapted from Eastern medicine!