Finding Their Center in The Heart of Chardon


Jennifer Emch and Erin Heltzel paused behind their new window overlooking the heart of Chardon Square, grateful they kept their faith and did not rush fate.

“I saw the ad for the space about 10 months ago and at that time, wasn’t able to get everything to fall into place,” Emch said. “I had looked at other spaces, but kept coming back to the 205 Main Street space as I just felt the space embodied what Erin and I were trying to accomplish.


“Every time I drove around the square, I would hope and pray that the ‘For Rent’ sign would still be up in the hopes that fate would hold out for me,” Emch added.

Time ticked on, details fell into place and a lease was signed.

Chardon’s new Ubuntu Wellness will open April 1, offering comprehensive holistic care and an array of wellness services on the mind, body, spirit continuum focusing on stress management, mindful living, physical activity and nutrition.

Mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn has described it as paying attention to the present moment with intention, while letting go of judgment, as if our life depends on it.

“We feel that opening Ubuntu Wellness will allow participants to enjoy the benefits of authentically connecting with themselves in an environment that is welcome to all paths,” Emch said. “We are inundated in the media with what wellness ‘should’ look like and then we place judgment on ourselves because we feel we don’t fit that mold. We want to break those self-imposed barriers and encourage that wellness is accessible to everybody. No matter what.”

Classes will include a variety of yoga, Reiki (individual and certification), meditation and other mindfulness-based stress reduction workshops, Dancing Mindfulness (children and adult), along with a variety of massage therapy options and individual counseling.

Ubuntu Wellness