Bailey W., Kenston High School 11th grader

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the time you spent on our class on Friday. I came to class Friday feeling like that day was going to be a bad day, because I was overwhelmed and feeling down. Through your words, I was able to ground myself and focus on positive energy instead of my worries. That day I set an intention and was able to make it a better day. Through recent events in my life, I had let go of my positive thought, but you have reminded me that sometimes all we need is to focus on our breath. Since Friday, I've been able to think more positively and I thank you for bringing positive thought back into my life. I've been using my essential oil diffuser and taking more time for myself. I will continue to practice mindfulness and start practicing heartfullness. I didn't even know that heartfullness was a thing, but I have definitely been making a conscious effort to give my love to  myself and others. Thank you for the reminders to be mindful and stay grounded.”

- Bailey W., Kenston High School 11th grader

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